Ebenezer Baptist Church 
Time:Sundays 11am (morning service) and 6:00pm (evening service)
Venue:Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ebenezer Street (Near High Street Station), Swansea
Contact:Pastor - Rev. Graham John. Tel: 07737 853926

benezer is an independent, evangelical baptist church. We are a congregation of families, couples, singles, both young and old, from the UK and around the world, including Korea, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sri Lanka. We are a friendly congregation and seek to make visitors welcome. We also have a regular hospitality rota for students.

We are reformed in doctrine, and believe in the infallibility and authority of the Bible (the Word of God). As an evangelical church, we preach the saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to live and witness for him in our daily lives.

We have an active programme of events during the week, including: Bible-studies/prayer-meetings, ladies meetings, various children's and young people's groups and other outreach and social events. Our Sunday Services are at 11am and 6:00pm and are centralised around the preaching of God's word.

Our website (see link above) has more background to us, as a church and body of God's people. It also has a diary of upcoming events and some selected sermons for listening to online.

If you are ever in Swansea we would love to meet you, and would assure you of a warm welcome.

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