Time:Sunday 11am with tea and coffee from 10.30am
Venue:32 Mynydd Newydd Road, Penlan, Swansea, SA5 5AE
Contact:telephone: 01792 516031
Website:http://www.cornerstonechurch.co.uk/ and http://www.the-gap.org

Hi, and welcome to the Cornerstone page! Cornerstone is a lively and contemporary Christian church based in the north of Swansea. Our key values are relationships, serving our community and being a culturally relevant Church in order to be accessible to those seeking purpose.

Our congregation is predominantly aged 18 -35, although we have all ages! Cornerstone is a community not a meeting, and this is expressed through relationships, and cells, or small groups of which every member is a part.

We are keen to see our relationship with Jesus worked out in practical and life-changing ways, which is reflected in our worship and teaching styles.

We love students! We are located in the north of the city, so not too accessible for your average student! But each year a few find their way to the foggy north and become a part of the action up here! All the best for your new start at Uni/college, and all the best for finding a church that suits you and assists this phase of your life. Swansea is a great place, and spoilt for choice for good churches.

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